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Background information from Angelo Papa ESQ, ELM CEO

"Elm Freedom Tree" (ELM), is a Doing-Business-As name of the Non-Profit Organization "Substance Abuse Coalition Summits" (SACS)

Hi, I am Angelo Papa, Esquire, CEO and founder of ELM (Education, Law, Medicine). We are a non-profit, community learned presentation referral organization project. I promise that the following experiences will become relevant very quickly: BS education, MA school administration JD Juris Doctorate in Law.

Former: High School State Championship Linebacker, Collegiate Football Player, Football Coach, High School Administrator, School Board President, Prosecuting Attorney; Current Continuing Legal Education Instructor Cape Institute, Owner/Founder of Signature Hill Professional Consultants recently reinvented as ELMFREEDOMTREE.COM

From our earliest beginnings in the SHPC (Signature Hill Professional Consultants) referral organization, we recognized and took full advantage of the priceless value of an independent, multidiscipline, diversified, professional, collaborating team organization. No one can seriously quarrel with … “two heads being better than one”… and exponentially “more” being “more,” we became experts at creating functional communication, assessment, and coordinated collaboration infrastructures to overcome the following obvious, basic challenges. For example, if even the most gifted musicians in the world would be recruited, oriented, regularly communicated with, and otherwise, assembled on the stage: without a director, without common sheet music, and without an agreed-upon cadence, nothing but “noise” would result.

In SHPC we not only rose to the challenge but with the assistance of many gifted technicians we created and fully supported the teaching of communication, administrative, presentation, and publication infrastructures that are not only constantly updated, arte second to none but make it all possible.

As the concept worked, became duplicable, and became known, we not only attracted the attention a growing number of likeminded gifted professionals in unlimited academic disciplines, but were able to use the same infrastructures to assist these professionals in sharing priceless information. in pursuing this collaboration effort and recruiting more professionals who had short, intermediate, and extensive information and experiences, the original SHPC organization grew all by itself, especially after we also incorporated a reliable assessment tool for individual consumer needs.

We had and still have a two-pronged approach with a very short and concise two-pronged message: (1) attracting more professionals, and (2) connecting them with properly assessed, consumers. Generally speaking, when you put “good” people in one place, with proper organization “good” here is things happen for everyone. Good business for the referral professional quality advice for the consumer, all through one click/call/location.

One of our earliest SHPC pieces describe the effort as follows:

  • For the Professionals: SH proprietary teaching and latest technology infrastructures, hard and software, administrative and communication infrastructures, fully supports the coalition” referral wall-less approach while perfecting seamless collaboration experiences for everyone.
  • For the Consumers: Redefining: Competence, Integrity, & Work Ethic, … One click… One call… One location.

Our Individual/Team Mandate

Whether the client comes to signature Hill for a professional checkup or with an already identified need, they will either be directed to one of our hard-working professionals individually, or to the entire team. An extensive fact-finding interview will be followed by recommendation and implementation of a comprehensive solution with the total client in mind.

Our Mission

To assemble the one click/call/location, the most competent team of independent, professional, problem solvers. Diversified enough to meet every possible professional client concern, yet identically related to each other by the finest, traditional, proud work ethic.

This model worked throughout the years and continues to work to this very day. As I grew older and established enough financial success and related independence derivative from these efforts, I was able to start doing activities that I really felt passionate about and had gone full circle into teaching quality information. Although I had been teaching CLE (continuing legal education classes) on a very part-time basis, I was now able to take a more aggressive schedule. The infrastructures described above lend themselves well to getting into the other professional presentation classes including without limit our current efforts to become certified in areas including without limit Act 48 Pennsylvania Professional Educator Classes, and CME (medical continuing education) to name but a few. Lastly, we were also pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a great deal of interest from non-professionals in some of the information we were providing. As SHPC and I, both grew older, our passionate desire to give something of value back to the community continues to this very day to inspire, energize, and become more and more compelling.

We also believe the current pandemic crisis, has demonstrated a dire need for, nonpolitical, neutral, not-for-profit, forums for dissemination of reliable formation in important contemporary problems.

Currently At ELM

Thus, SHPC, grew into the current community minded project with a life of its own ELMFREEDOMTREE.COM.

So now our emphasis is on finding other like-minded professionals, who can’t afford or maybe were never trained in current technology advantages to join us. Our goal is to give voice to information in all these areas. We have been surprised, in our “leave a legacy” project, that many gifted and older professionals are excited to leave short, intermediate, and long-range presentations for other professionals in the public at large. You only need to do is give us time, and we can publish, an otherwise give voice some valuable information.

And just as SHPC had a two-pronged approach, this information is available through high technology for anyone who is interested. Once again it is a win-win approach. Something good for the professionals, and something good for the community.

We believe that there are three major professional pillars to every community Education, Law, and Medicine (ELM). Our logo immediately grew into the iconic elm tree symbol. For those of you who don’t know and original elm tree in the Boston area was the location were several pre-Revolutionary patriots met until the British cut the tree down. Thereafter the tree became a symbol of freedom, and when Lafayette left the United States to return to France is commonly believed that he took several elm trees with him, and elm trees have been planted in various places throughout the world to symbolize freedom. Although a blight has hurt the elm tree it was not unusual for communities all over America to have their main street lined with elm trees. We know that freedom is significantly helped and empowered by knowledge. Dependable, independent, empowering knowledge.

So as the old group was recruiting professional team players by accident, we started discovering several very seasoned professionals who had something valuable that they could share in each of the three pillars. And like SHPC, Elm is also on two-pronged mission of excellence looking for the most brilliant professionals, and using our reach and to recruit, direct, promote, and publish a growing team of independent, neutral, not for profit, geographically and academically diversified experts and sharing their valuable, accurate, learned, information in education law and medicine. When we find like-minded presenters, we share our infrastructures, their high-cost technologies to provide voice.

So, in conclusion the ELM mission is twofold:
To present the latest and the best, accredited, neutral, independent information concepts in education law and medicine, through recruited, directed, and published other seasoned veterans for short- and long-range topics. (CLE, CME, ACT 48, and more. Our leave a legacy project is designed to take advantage of retiring professionals who have chosen to leave something valuable behind.

Join Us Now!

ELM Membership Options

  • Subscriber
  • Customer seeking Expert Referral Professional Provider
  • Professional Student for Professional Credits
  • Financial contributor
  • Professional member of the ELM, influential, neutral, not for profit, Prestigious Advisory Board
  • Member of ELM Professional Presentation Team
  • Independent Professional Accepting Client/Patient/Other Assessed Referral

Fair and Balanced Policy

present with courage. Elm professionals and its board believe that one of the hallmarks of any profession is the willingness to present and provide information that other professionals and laypeople may benefit from regardless of political or other non-relevant implications. Elm professionals believe that they have a moral and certainly a professional obligation provide (to people and institutions not necessarily learned or experienced and updated in the ELM professional presenter’s individual expertise and respective profession) the latest and best information including their professional opinion to help people become knowledgeable enough to ask questions of their individual professional providers, to assist in making the best possible choices. As such, courage many times is connected with differing opinions and controversy.


Further, it is also ELM individual and board policy also incorporated into one of its most primary neutrality missions, to welcome and encourage different opinions. ELM professionals firmly believe and support that many of the best professional policies and procedures have evolved on the “anvil” of debate as a byproduct of providing equal voice to multiple sides to complicated issues. ELM hereby not only encourages but invites any and all differing opinions to be published through the ELM infrastructures so that a robust learned debate may result.

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